MesaGen LLC

A Salt Lake City-based biotechnology company focusing on advanced therapeutic approaches to tumorigenesis involving both immunomodulatory checkpoint inhibition and cancer stem cell biology.

What we do

-CD47/SIRPα Macrophage Checkpoint Inhibitors for Cancer Stem Cell Immuno-Oncology

-WISP Family T-Cell Checkpoint Inhibitors for Triple Negative Breast & Prostate Cancers


MesaGen was established to create a new genre of cancer drug: biologics directed against immunomodulatory and cancer stem cell targets to eliminate the actual underlying cause of the tumors themselves - cancer stem cells.

Company Technology

MesaGen’s unique capabilities in developing innovative biologics for cancer therapy originate from our proprietary proteomic database – MesaNet. The database contains information on over 35,000 novel protein interactions representing >5500 human proteins and was derived from over a decade of industrial systems-based experimentation.

Large networks of disease related protein interactions

Cancer/Metastasis networks

~ 35,000 interactions

~ 5,500 human proteins

~ 10,000 interactions

These vast networks not only give MesaGen unprecedented insight into the process of carcinogenesis, but the ligand/receptor interactions represents a vast library of natural human communication ligands which can be utilized as candidates for therapeutic lead development and diagnostic biomarker selection.


MesaNet has defined thousands of proprietary human protein fragments which can interact with high affinity towards both known and novel extracellular therapeutic Cancer Stem Cell targets. We use these ligands as tools to design biologic drugs.

These fragments represent protein motifs (Minimal Binding Motifs, MBMs) which have evolved over millions of years as primary mechanisms for intercellular communication, defining such parameters as cellular growth rate, motility and longevity. As such, ligands from MesaNet can be used to control the carcinogenic process; ultimately becoming the basis for biologic drugs which either antagonize or agonize cellular processes in order to obtain beneficial therapeutic outcomes.

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MesaGen’s protein engineering approach involves fusing protein ligands defined by our database to the Fc region of IgG molecules thus producing biologic fusion proteins which can target essential oncogenic processes while also acquiring the requisite drug-like properties of antibodies. Our database, in concert with the aforementioned protein engineering approach, provides the Company with a highly productive platform for hit-to-lead biologic drug development.


-MBM C1 disrupts CD47/SIRPα interaction leading to cancer cell phagocytosis

-MBM CRT1 specifies cancer cell delivery at the site of action

New York

-MBM SP1 multivalent both disrupts CD47/SIRPα interaction leading to cancer cell phagocytosis and specifies cancer cell delivery at the site of action

San Francisco

-MBM SP1 multivalent disrupts CD47/SIRPα interaction leading to cancer cell phagocytosis and specifies cancer cell delivery at the site of action

-MBM C1 disrupts CD47/SIRPα interaction leading to cancer cell phagocytosis

Macrophage checkpoint inhibitors have significant advantages over T-Cell Checkpoint inhibitors

MesaGen’s CD47 & SIRPα biologics activate the entire immune system, resulting in a primary immune response

Team and Team Strengths

This venture reunites a cadre of former employees from Myriad Genetics, Inc., with over 70 combined years of industry experience in drug discovery, proteomics, Big Data IT and business development. MesaGen was established in 2012 to create a new genre of cancer therapeutics; biologics designed to specifically trigger an oncologic immune response focused not only on the tumor, but on the cancer stem cells required for tumorigenesis.

Chief Executive Officer: S. George Simon George Simon

Former Board member of Olive Medical, Omixon & MediMass

Former EVP, Business Development, Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Formerly with MorphoGen and VivoRx (Abraxis & APP Pharma)

~ $500 million of licensing and acquisition deals

Chief Scientific Officer & Founder: Scott G. Morham, Ph.D. Scott Morham

Julian R. Rachele Prize, Cornell Medical College & Sloan Kettering Institute

American Cancer Society Fellow in the laboratory of 2007 Nobel Prize recipient, Dr. Oliver Smithies

Previously Scientist IV MPC-7869 Cancer Therapeutic MOA, Myriad Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Previously Director of Virology, Myriad Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Previously Director of Research Proteomics, Myrexis, Inc. (formerly Myriad Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

V.P. Research & Co-Founder: Gongping He, M.S., M.D. GongPing He

Oncologist , Shanghai Cancer Hospital

Post Doctoral Fellow, Dalhousie University

Previously Scientist I at Myriad Pharmaceuticals

Most recently assay development Wizard at Myrexis, Inc.

Director of Informatics & Co-Founder: Max Dufford, B.S. Max Dufford

Previously Bioinformatics team leader at Myriad Genetics.

Previously Data Analysis director for Myriad's Biodefense Proteomic Research Center

Most recently Team Leader, IT and Process Development for Research Proteomics, Myrexis, Inc.


For additional information regarding MesaGen LLC, MesaNet and our current therapeutic pipeline, please contact S. George Simon, CEO at or phone 801-856-7341

2500 South, Salt Lake City, UT, US